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Tracks: Laid-back adventure

A track is a journey with eight to ten people on a private boat, roaming the sea from one tropical island to the next. Most of the time you’d come across comfortable resorts and different restaurants. Sometimes frying fish for dinner just outside your tent may possibly be one of the holiday highlights. Within two to three weeks, you’d surely get to taste the real Philippines: both above and under water.

Do it youself

You can do a lot of diving on the tracks, but there is so much to do besides that. Even if you are not a diver yet, you can still join a track. It’s especially meant to be a laid-back holiday, but adventurous at the same time. That’s why you have to be active too. Together with your group, you make sure that the provisions are on board. ( Shopping the Filipino way is a wonderful experience! ) Divetracks offers advice, within possible limits, regarding accommodation or food. We never make reservations beforehand. You might spend a night in you tent, or perhaps on the deck of the boat. Who knows???

The group

You can enlist yourself individually or with a group. Keep in mind that we base the costs on a minimum of eight clients. These clients comprise the track group. A track group may or may not know each other. Should you want to make your own track group; it’s possible too. There’s always space for eight to ten persons.

Room for you?

Only but a few tracks will be organized every year. There would be, of course, limited room for interested parties. Every track is a unique experience!

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visit the Phillipines