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Philippines: Dive within!

Because the Philippines consists of more than 7,000 islands, you can picture yourself just diving there. But there is more to which the country can pride itself of. Much more!

Friendly people

Never expect a Filipino to deliver quick service or a boring sales talk. Although people do need to earn a little extra, nobody seems to dash or run… Calm down, it’s too warm! But never too warm to wave hello or give a smile of recognition; or to sing and dance during a celebration. Everybody does that. And your name… Every Filipino remembers it; never to forget, even after all those years.

Culture shock?

When thinking of culture in the terms of statues and architectural splendour, you’re advised not to expect them in the Philippines. There are a few existing buildings from the time the Philippines fell under the Spanish colonization. But it’s the churches, sari-sari stores and huts that adorn the eyes. The influence of widespread Catholicism is given a Filipino twist which is prominent especially on tricycles. They are colourfully decorated with religious sayings, crosses, and images of saints.

Nature and Climate

The wind can be very harsh in the Philippines. It rains there too; sometimes for days on end ( especially from October to February). But the sun shines more often. Under the sun with temperatures ranging from 25C to 32C degrees, the palm trees, water falls, volcano’s, rain forests and beaches are better appreciable …Made for a ‘hinay-hinay’ ( Philippine word for relaxed) way to enjoy...

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visit the Phillipines



visit the Phillipines